My October goals

Hello my loves!

Hope you’ve all had a delightful weekend.

So… it’s October. Holy fuck where did this year go?

I’ve kind of felt like I’ve crammed a lifetime of things into the last month (moving out, getting kittens, getting engaged)- so this October my goals are slightly more chill! But I thought I’d share them all the same 🙂


Blog more. I’ve finally got this site the way I vaguely want it and I’m working on taking nicer pictures, so I wanna actually put some well-written content up here! It’s been tricky what with not having any internet in our house (GAH)- but from October 9th we should finally get it sorted and I’ll be able to post more regularly. I’m aiming for once a week!

Join the gym. God, I am an unfit mess right now. I’d like to have joined the gym by the end of the month and been at least a few times. I need to get back on the weights! Plus it helps my anxiety so much to do regular exercise.

Enjoy my kittens being cute and tiny. Not to sound like a proud mum or anything but they’re actually growing up SO fast. I want to enjoy them being cute, adorable and always in the house while I can. (Below is Woody enjoying a belly rub!)


Finish reading Lord of the Rings and Stephen King’s ‘IT’ and ‘Sleeping Beauties’. These are the books I’ve been reading lately but I’d love to get them finished by the end of October. A big task I know since that’s 5 FUCK OFF MASSIVE books, but they’re all so damn good I reckon I can manage it!


Draw more. I’m by no-means a brilliant artist, but I LOVE to draw and paint and I think it’s one of the best ways for me to switch off for a hot-minute. I’m looking forward to making use of my new pads! EEK!


Spend more time with family and friends. I’ve actually been pretty okay at this lately, but no excuses to get lazy and stay in my pjs at the weekend- I want to keep up my social life!

Go to a wedding fair. This was my mum’s idea but I think it might actually be a fun way for me and Luke to start deciding what kind of vibe we’re going for? I know 100% I want a magician but that’s as far as we’ve got ha!

What’s on your to-do list for October?




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