Is social media ruining my life?

This is a topic that I’ve read SO much about lately.

How kids these days don’t play outside anymore, how we’re all shriveling into twisted-pretzel shaped people from being hunched over our laptops- how my eyeballs will (probably) fall out if I work an office job.

But it’s got me thinking- is social media really THAT bad?

For me personally, I work in social media. It’s impossible for me to completely switch off from it during the week, as I quite literally am on Facebook, Twitter, scrolling feeds for inspiration and ideas and seeing how things are performing.

In my personal life, I use Facebook and Insta occasionally for picture sharing, Pinterest maybe once a month and Snapchat and Youtube infrequently nowadays.

Twitter however is my absolute life.

If I’m being brutally honest, I probably check it about 40 times a day. Jesus, even writing that down is embarrassing.

It’s my source of news, my way to film and book recommendations, a way to interact with online friends and my gateway to be as self-absorbed as I would like. Because tbh, you CHOSE to read my ramblings.

But has it got to the point for me where I can’t live without it?

I tried to delete twitter recently, boldly declaring to Luke that I would be fine without it and that it was more important to focus on my real life.

But honestly? My fingers were itching to check it just an hour or so later.

Watching TV that night I was confronted with ACTUALLY HAVING TO WATCH THE PROGRAMME, rather than mindlessly half absorb what was happening on the screen and half spew my thoughts to a bunch of other people “watching” the same thing.

But don’t get me wrong, I LOVE doing this.

When Love Island was on, it made my viewing experience so much more enjoyable to find a little community online who I could share in-jokes with, chat with and embrace the trash that we were watching.

I also use it to promo my blog content on the infrequent occasion that I actually get to writing something on this site (har har)

So far so good no?

Perhaps not.

Luke and my family have several times complained I’m half watching/listening and absorbing what they’re saying to me…

Probably because I’ve either got my head stuck in a book or my eyes glued to my phone.

I never for a second doubt the power of the internet to bring communities together, to find other like-minded people and to give you a little bit of escapism… but I think the time has come when I can officially say that I am a fully-blown phone addict.

But- is that such a problem?


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