A little haul

Hey my loves!

So I’ve gone a bit spend mad lately (blame me getting a work bonus, and all the bloody amazing stuff that’s out in the shops at the moment!)

But I thought I’d do a little haul of all the stuff that I’ve been loving and splurging on this month.

Oh come on, could I really claim to be a blogger if I didn’t invest in the beautiful Naked Heat Palette? 

I was a bit apprehensive at first that the shades weren’t my usual style, but a couple of uses later and I’m absolutely smitten. So yeah, I’m heading to work each day with basically a full-face of eyeshadow. Bite me.

I picked up this cute af shirt from Topshop, as I thought it was work smart enough but also cute and casual- perfect with my skinny black jeans and a pair of adidas.

This is one of the two barbie tops that I’ve got from the Missguided collection, that is continually selling out. I love that it’s so boyish, and long enough that I can wear it with my ripped denim shorts.

The Freedom jewellery at Topshop is hella affordable at the moment, and I’m obsessing over the planet necklaces they’ve got. (Defo going to try and collect them all)- also embracing my inner hippie and wearing anklets non- stop.

Excuse my disgusting nails plz and thx.


Finally, I’ve been attempting to read a lot more than usual as I’m seriously slacking on my 50 books challenge.

I picked up ‘NO FILTER’ by Grace Victory (which was absolutely amazing) – Carrie Fletcher’s new novel (which was ok) and I haven’t started Louise Pentland’s book, but I’m excited to give it a shot.

Lemme know what you’ve been buying this august!




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