My trip to Corfu

Hello my loves!

So I’ve just got back from four nights spent on the beautiful Greek island of Corfu. I know that the island has a bit of a reputation for partying (If you’ve seen ‘What happens in Kavos’ you’ll know what I mean..eeek!) But I wanted to write a quick blogpost from my experiences of the island, and why I think it’s the perfect spot for a mini-break.

I went on holiday with three of my best girlfriends, but I absolutely think that this island has something for everyone- be it a family trip, couples or a girls holiday.

Where we stayed?

We avoided the ‘all-inclusive’ hotel route, just because we weren’t staying for very long and we wanted to soak up as much of the culture as possible. Instead, we chose an AirBnb (which if you haven’t discovered, PLEASE DO IT’S AMAZING) – which was really nearby the airport and only a 15 minute walk into Corfu city centre, which is a hub of bars, restaurants, shops and really close to the fort.

I would suggest however, if you’re thinking of going in the summer to get a pool. The sea was around a 20 minute drive for us and there were so many moments in the peak of the day where it was topping around 35 degrees. Far too hot to be on the beach, and would have been ideal if we could have skulked around a pool with a book.

Also air-con is an essential. Just sayin’.

Getting around the island?

What I didn’t realise before arriving was that Corfu actually has tons of things to do. There are gorgeous beaches all over the different sides of the island and most things will require either a taxi, bus or your own transport.

Had we been there for any longer and I would definitely recommend investing in a hire car for yourself. The roads are pretty chaotic, and there’s a lot of mopeds around- but it’s the cheapest and easiest way to transport yourself.

Tourist spots?

We didn’t do a huge amount of the tourist stuff. We did go to the fort which is on the East side of the island- and I can highly recommend for some beautiful views, but Corfu is a hub of history.

There’s tons of history behind this island, museums and even beautiful little churches in the towns and further out.

I would absolutely suggest that getting a boat out from the harbour is a must-do. There’s nothing more peaceful than floating around the island, looking at the water and all the stereotypical white buildings.

What to eat?

I honestly don’t think I can ever eat a piece of Feta cheese again after this trip. We went full-greek and made sure that we had plenty of bread and olive oil, olives, feta and fresh fish (caught locally)

One of our group was a veggie, but there seemed to be plenty of options for her as well.

Chicken souvlaki is one of the island’s specialties- and is defo worth having. Plus copious amounts of white wine. (I haven’t dared weigh myself since being back!)



I’m not going to lie, I spent a fair bit on this trip.

The flights themselves were around 200 each and then the AirBnb split between us was around 150.

A glass of wine or a diet coke is around 4.50 and the food is priced around 15-19 euros if you’re eating meat or fish.

However, I think that for a short mini-break and guaranteed sun it’s a perfect spot to get away.



We only went to one place in Corfu town, which was a club called ’54 Dreamy Nights.’

What I forgot about European clubs is that people can smoke inside, so that was pretty horrible for someone who doesn’t breathe easy at the best of times!

However, it was only 10 euros entry, the music was brilliant and they even had live dancers on the stage.


Hope you enjoyed and do let me know where you’re off for your summer hols!



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