Topshop haul

So I was naughty this month and got myself a couple of new bits and bobs from Topshop, that I thought I’d share on the blog.

1- Ripped denim jacket- £49.00

I own 4 denim jackets now, no word of a lie. When I picked this one up, Luke actually despaired that  ‘you already have too many’- meh meh mehhh… but I DIDN’T HAVE A RIPPED ONE OK!?

I saw this one on First Dates, that one of the girls wore on her way in, and fell in love.

It comes up quite big on me (I got a size 12), but I honestly feel about 108x cooler when I wear this one, as opposed to my boring, non-ripped up clothes.

Amazing to wear with cute af summer dresses and converse!

2- Sweet Thing Tee- £15

This t-shirt is just a simple, slightly cropped grey one, with embroidered cherry on the sleeve. It’s really soft, comfy and fairly cheap.

3- Small black rucksack

I’m such an old-bag lady, with an addiction to carrying around tons of crap in an ugly old tote bag- so I thought it was time to upgrade to something that can fit all of my junk in it, and look reasonably styled at the same time!

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