How I stay organized

I am an organizational freak. Ever since I started school, my favourite part of the going back was getting my new stationary together, planning my timetables, arranging things.

In sixth form I ended up managing part of the school magazine, coordinating charities, running PHAB week and juggling my A-Levels.

It’s defo in my blood to be a bit of a perfectionist nutjob, but I’ve finally found the planner that really works for me, now I’m an adult, with you know, responsibility and shit…

So here is my tour/ review of the Erin Condren Planner:

Firstly, the covers come in a million and one different designs. They’re all laminated, and customizable, with different coloured curled spines.

You can also get your name printed on it… Personal favourite touch!

I went for my full-name and the watercolour map design, but you can detach it and replace with other ones, if you wish!

There’s a gorgeous colour design or a grey-scale. This one is the coloured yearly calendar spread.

I did think about grey, but I write in only black, so I thought it might give it a nice pop.

The second part of the design is how you organize your day. I’ve gone for the hourly spread. So the hours work downwards from 6AM- 7PM.

You can opt for the vertical or horizontal planning if you prefer.

FINALLY, and my absolute fav part: STICKERS OMG.

Soz that I used a few before taking this, but they were too pretty to resist!

So yeah, a solid 10/10 for this planner. I’m absolutely smitten!

(It retails around £50 with overseas delivery)

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